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that is life 💓

You are alone you are totally alone…friends say don’t worry we’re hear but no , no one can feel you,no one can khnow what you really feel no one can understand you …they say don’t cry but you cry because you don’t have any other solution , you can’t tell them the really reason for you sadness …you can’t do anything, you just cry and you want be alone in your own place , you feel loneliness and you want to die…but then, you stand up and you start from the beginning,  you feel better and you will be stronger and no one can destroy you again…life goes on 💪💓

Sometimes 💓💓

Sometimes you write and you dont know why , you write because it is your only solution to express what you really feel…writing will be your only friend and it will be your only way to express when you don’t have words …sometimes you have just to write to feel better , you feel better when you write …you feel like you’re flying into another world …you feel like if you are the only one in this big world….for that I love writing 💓

Someone 💞

And sometimes you feel like you are alone on this big world , no one can feel you , no one can help you , you cry , you’re heart cry , you have to cry because there is no one who can help you and make you feel happy , someone who loves you for the simple you , someone who fight for you and protect you ,….someone who never want to see your tears :’) 💓

Where are you 💔

This is the first time  that I write about what I really feel now , not me , my heart speak , my tears whrite , I cry , yes I cry and the first time it is because of you , you who always wipes my tears , you make me feel hard , you heart me , you are evil , you are selfish , you are not my love but you was really like my brother , I love you soo much , you help me  , you listen to me , you give me a promise that we will stay together forever and nothing can separate us , we was really like a brother and sister , you promise me that you will stay forever with me , but where are you now , I need you , I really need you ,…

Tears 💙

Well we all know what tears mean , but why we cry? We cry for many reason, when we are hearted , when we lose someone who we love , when we are blessed , we cry because it is our only way to express our feelings , when we don’t have any other choice , tears became our only solution , people when they see me cry , always they say “she is a baby , she cry for anything ” but they don’t khnow the truth , they don’t khnow the reason they are evil …my  world is very hard , people are bad …not all the people but some of them …but really tears are the best way when we don’t found words  and I wish one day people think well before they judge ….I wish 💙

( I am not good at English but I do my best )

it is not the end 💕

I love you , i love everything about you , you was my heart , my life , my air ,  you was my first love i am 18 years old and i am in love with you for 3 years …i help you , i protect you , i do everything for you , only you , i listen to you when you are sad and happy , but you ? You kill my heart you kill me , when i say i love you for the first time you say that i am like your sister …you heart me , you make me cry , you make me hate myself ….but after that i became a very strong girl , i forget the heart and the bless i start again and i work hard for my dreams , i wish you can read that , i wish if you give me a chance but you don’t  …one day i thought that it is the end but no it is a new start 💓

This is the simple me 💕

I’m new here and i will tell you a little bit about myself . well i am an arabic muslem girl , i am 18 years old , in the last level at the secondery School from a simple family , i love oceans very much i like spend all my time there  , i wish if i can live in it really but that is impossible because only fish can do that , i love it rough and quiet . However like everybody i have a heart and i have a very sad love story , i love a boy who hate me …now i am fine , i forget him i am OK and like they say “life don’t stop for anybody ”  for that i forget and i start from the begining and i have dreams , i wish if i can be a good writer it is hard but it “is never too late “. And i have another dream i can’t tell anyone about it but i will do my best to make it true i will do the impossible for my dreams … I am a simple girl , crazy but very shy …well this is me 😊💓